Cell Migration Workshop 2nd Edition

23rd and 24th June, Universidade Lusófona, Lisbon


This workshop will address the role of cell migration in different physiopathological processes, the different types of cell migration and the respective morphological, functional and molecular alterations involved.

We will also present the most commonly used cell-based techniques, including the wound-healing assay, chemotaxis, random single cell migration, cell invasion, as well as molecular tools and assays to dissect the mechanotransduction processes. Practical and laboratory classes will allow students to contact with key methodologies in the area.




  • Cell migration: concepts and techniques 

Ana Fernandes, CBIOS – Universidade Lusófona

  • Molecular mechanisms of cell migration: a technical approach 

Nuno Saraiva, CBIOS – Universidade Lusófona, Portugal

  • Cell migration and morphogenesis

Elias Barriga, Instituto Gulbenkian Ciência

  •  Cell migration and tissue regeneration

António Jacinto, CEDOC

  •  Cell migration and cancer invasion

Maria José Oliveira, I3S


Practical Classes (hands-on)

  • Collective cell migration assays (Ana Fernandes, CBIOS)
  • Chemotaxis, and chemoinvasion (Tiago Granja, CBIOS)
  • Analysis of cell adhesion and cytoskeleton (Nuno Saraiva, CBIOS)
  • Data analysis with Image J (Raquel Pereira, Instituto de Medicina Molecular)

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Ana Fernandes and Nuno Saraiva

1 ECTS awarded







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