Newsletter April 2023


Researchers participate in the Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Symposium

Prof. Patrícia Rijo was Keynote Speaker at the SIPAM6 – 6th International Symposium on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants that took place in Djerba. Ph.D. students V. Isca, M. Filipe, and G. Bangay presented their works and won the “Best Poster” prize. CBIOS was also represented by Prof. C. Rosado and A. Mourato, and by student F. Z. Bräuning. The works presented were financed by the project “New Strategies for Wastewater Treatment – NETA.

Latest work of CBIOS was presented at the Portuguese Diabetes Congress

Regina Menezes and Andreia Gomes were present at the 19º Congresso Português de Diabetes to disseminate CBIOS research activities on “Urolithins as inhibitors of IAPP proteotoxicity in diabetes” and “Integrated analysis of transcriptomic changes associated with diabetes: new clues for pancreatic cell transdifferentiation”.

Ordem dos Nutricionistas visits Universidade Lusófona

The School of Health Sciences and Technologies (ECTS) of Universidade Lusófona received the Bastonária of the Ordem dos Nutricionistas, Professor Alexandra Bento. With this meeting, it was possible to strengthen ties and reinforce the common goal: The quality of the training of future Nutritionists.

Projects developed at CBIOS win the 1st and 3rd All time GABBAS Awards

Congratulations to our students Maria Inês/José Costa and Francisco Martins/Matilde Palmeirim who won the 7th Edition of Ciência Viva in the Laboratory by All time GABBAS Award with the projects entitled “Uma Viagem ao Reino das Plantas para Prevenir a Diabetes” and “Descontaminação de armas químicas de guerra”, respectively.

Paper from CBIOS researcher featured as a cover on ACS Omega

CBIOS recently published a paper on ACS Omega featuring a novel promising allosteric binding site, and enabling the search and development of specific non-competitive ABC transporter modulators.

COST Action EURESTOP at Lusófona University

Lusófona University held the 1st meeting and training school of the COST Action CA21145 – EURESTOP in a hybrid format, bringing together 100 researchers from all over Europe.

CBIOS participated in the Meeting of the Portuguese Society of Pharmacology

CBIOS participated in the 53rd Meeting of the Portuguese Society of Pharmacology, which was held in Coimbra from 1-3 February. Four Ph.D. students presented oral communications in the sessions on Cancer Pharmacology and Toxicology.

CBIOS researcher in the Order of Nutritionists’ General Council

On the 10th of December 2022, the CBIOS researcher António Raposo was elected to the Ordem dos Nutricionistas General Council.