2022 Egon Stahl Award attributed to a PhD Health Sciences program researcher from U. de Alcalá (Madrid, Spain – in partnership with CBIOS/U. Lusófona)

The Egon-Stahl-Award is a scientific honour of the Society for Medicinal Plant and Natural Product Research (GA). The Bronze Egon-Stahl-Award distinguishes young scientists innovation and originality in Pharmacognosy and Chemistry of Natural Products in its whole range and was attributed to Dr. Epole Ntungwe for her outstanding contributions to the search for lead structures from Plectranthus species to combat multi-drug resistance in cancer. Dr. Epole currently works at CBIOS the U Lusófona Research Centre in Biosciences and Health Technologies (CBIOS) and collaborates with Prof. Ana Diaz (U Alcalá) and Prof. Patricia Rijo (U Lusófona, Lisboa) her former PhD supervisors. The Award will be handed to Dr Epole during the the GA-Congress2022.


Link: https://ga-online.org/about-ga/awards/egon-stahl-award-in-/