II Bio.Natural 2021 conference


The II Bio.Natural 2021 conference (CBIOS/ALIES/U Lusofona) and United Scientific Group welcome to the virtual conference on II Bio.Natural 2021 – Bioactive Natural Products Research, that will be held virtually on November 18-19, 2021.


II Bio.Natural 2021 Meeting aims to be a forum for researchers that are developing projects exploring the multiple applications offered by natural products. These compounds are being screened as new ‘drug lead’ on drug discovery, or being modified by rational drug design and semi-synthesis, in order to offer innovative therapeutic alternatives for the treatment of cancer, infectious diseases or other health problems. Other studies are focused on the potential of marine, herbal, or mineral materials as bioactive agents for cosmetics or medical devices. Moreover, the proven benefits of nutrients from naturally sourced ingredients are demanding new approaches for research on food and food supplements for human nutrition.


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