Universidade Lusófona hosts Scientific Meeting on “Nutrition and Ageing”

The Portuguese Physiological Society was created in 2017 by the initiative of some of our well-known collaborators. This 1st international meeting – Physioma 2019, was held in October 10-11 and was sponsored by IUPS, FEPS (represented by its secretary-general), APS and PhySociety. Modern themes, top keynote speakers, innovative research from Portuguese and foreign researchers, and a session about the “Future of Physiology” completed the program.

The first General Assembly elected the board for this 1st mandate, lead by Professor Monteiro Rodrigues. An Honour Distinction was attributed to Prof. António Rendas and Prof. Pedro Costa. (LINK: https://sociedadefisiologia.pt/index.php/direcao/distincoes-e-honras/membros-de-honra)

More at: https://sociedadefisiologia.pt/